Charlie Robison and Friends

with Very Special Guest Chris Knight

Sat, August 19, 2023
8:00 pm


It’s no surprise to hear Charlie Robison describe his first release for Dualtone as “my favorite record that I’ve ever made, the one I’ve been wanting to make for a long, long time.” False modesty has never been the style of this native Leon, known for saying what’s on his mind and letting the chips fall where they may. Along the way, he’s developed a reputation as brash and cocksure, a little ornery, a maverick within a country music industry that prefers artists who are easier to manage, package and promote.

No, the real surprise is the tone of Charlie’s voice, the quiet confidence he exudes when he says “this is a culmination of the different styles I’ve explored, with more maturity in the writing.” Where his breakthrough with 1998’s Life of the Party album spotlighted the more raucous and reckless side of Robison, and 2000’s “Right Man for the Job” single was pure swagger, Good Times is the work of a reflective artist, one whose music has more depth and range than ever. It’s the music of the family man he’s become, not the party boy he’s been