A Merry-Achi Christmas with Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández

Tue, December 13, 2022
8:00 pm

ABOUT Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández

Jóse Hernàndez is a master of mariachi music. An internationally recognized musician, composer and educator, Jóse Hernàndez continues to break boundaries in the world of mariachi.

A fifth generation mariachi, Jóse brings the pleasure of mariachi music to audiences all across the globe. He is the founder of two world-famous ensembles: Mariachi Sol de México® and Reyna de Los Angeles®, America’s first all-female professional mariachi ensemble.

Jóse continues to advance the art of mariachi with daring new compositions and arrangements. He has composed, arranged, and provided music for 15 Sol De México® albums. He sings, and plays trumpet, violin, guitarrón, and vihuela, and has performed in some of the most renowned venues around the world. He has recorded with the most respected and recognized names in the industry, including Selena, Vicente Fernandez, Luis Miguel, Bryan Adams and the Beach Boys, and has received four Grammy nominations.

Jóse’s musical inspirations are rich and diverse, ranging from Leonard Bernstein to Augustine Lara; Glenn Miller to José Alfredo Jimenez. One of Jóse’s proudest achievements is establishing the Sol de México® symphony orchestra, bringing this powerful and vibrant sound to mariachi lovers around the world.

Jóse is an impassioned ambassador of mariachi music. He is working hard to inspire and empower the next generation of musicians through the educational initiatives he has developed: the Mariachi Nationals and Summer Institute and the Mariachi Heritage Society.

The humble endeavor of Jóse Hernàndez is to remain the voice and medium for mariachi, to reflect the treasured cultural heritage through the pages of mariachi, to express his soulful vision of mariachi without end — this to Jóse, is the Passion of Mariachi.

  • Conductor of mariachi bands Sol de México® and Reyna de Los Angeles®

  • Musical director of the prestigious Las Vegas International Mariachi Festival

  • Founder of Mariachi Nationals and Summer Institute

  • Founder of the Mariachi Heritage Society